Take your sports bar or restaurant to the next level by integrating FanWagon!

Why we should partner.

FanWagon brings gamification to live sports

Partnering with FanWagon allows your customers to place bets on live sports games, while gifting each other winning prizes from your menu.

Your customers can use the FanWagon app or to check-in to your bar or restaurant, instantly making your menu or merchandise available to them in their bet.

When a game or event has finished, the winner of the bet can given a gift from your menu by the loser of the bet. Gifting is NOT mandatory!


Complete Registration

Registering with us allows us to maintain a point of contact and gives us the ability to be a resource for you.


Upload Menu & Merch

We help you upload the items from your menu or other merchandise that the users can win for a bet.


When a user purchases a gift for their opponent, the winner gets a digital gift card on their phone that can be redeemed by you. FanWagon gets $1.00 per gift transaction. (Billed monthly)

The team at FanWagon has worked tirelessly to make this a seamless user experience for you and your customers.


Check In & Bet

Your customer checks in to your bar/restaurant on their mobile device with the FanWagon app, then searches for other users checked in at the same location and engages in a bet.

Game Concludes

When the game is over, if the losing user decides to gift the winner, they are authenticated by receiving a PIN code from the waiter/waitress to verify their gift purchase.

Loser makes Purchase

The waiter/waitress adds to gift purchase on the losers tab once they have given that purchaser a PIN code. The winning user gets a gift card for that item on their mobile device.

Winner gets Giftcard.

Winner gets gift card representing the gift they won.

When a user receives a giftcard, they can always access it on their mobile device with the FanWagon app. Gift cards can only be redeemed at the location that it was purchased. The gift card will also display stats for them, such as when it was purchased and/or redeemed.

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